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Rustic Modern is a home built on the site of an old quarry, in a mature oak forest in the Berkshires. Our goal was to disrupt as little of the forest as possible, while providing area for the home, approach, and pool patio. The house itself follows a simple plan, with the main suite to the east, living spaces to the south, garage to the west, and additional bedrooms upstairs. The exterior material palette includes...

We started with an existing footprint but soon found it was easier to build from scratch. On a ridge between valleys the home takes advantage of views in all directions. The material palette is kept simple with painted siding and elements of natural wood. This carries to the interior where the owners love of Southwest Style is evident.

Located on a forested mountain plateau, the existing meadow captured our imagination as a starting point. The angled wings of the main house and garage/entry create a sheltered courtyard facing the clearing. A traditional 2-story main gable structure contains the living spaces and 2nd floor bedrooms.

The site was somewhat sunken below the county road, so we brought in some fill and created a plateau for the house and garage. It’s a simple clapboard structure with an open link to the garage in keeping with some of the original farmhouses nearby.

We began with a modest ranch house on a secluded mountain site. The interior was gutted to create an open loft area, with the dining area roof tilted upward to catch the light. A shoji partition built of cherry and antique glass encloses the stair, defining one side of the foyer.

Perched on the edge of a hill midway up into the surrounding tree canopy, the sound of the river below is a constant presence. A steep switchback driveway delivers the entry between the house and garage. A cedar bridge leads the foyer.

A cleared plateau site presented a tabula rasa with sweeping view towards the west. One concept sketch was a stair and stone mass lit from above, bringing the living spaces down to the pool terrace. Another was a 3-wing plan with central living spaces, and attached main and guest suites.

Not much to save beyond a portion of foundation, we opened up the lower level much like a mill barn set into the hillside. A simple gable form contains a level of materiality and detail, like opening up a Bento Box with lots to discover.

We started with a basic ranch that already had a garage added and the siding re-done. Phase-1 involved gutting the garage/breezeway, adding a studio out front, and a 2nd floor bedroom. Phase-2 involved gutting the original house, raising the ceiling, and replacing the windows, insulation, walls, and finishes.



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