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Natural & Zero Net Energy Home Design

Christopher Vlcek has been serving customers in the Berkshires and Columbia County for over 20 years. In younger days working as a partner in Small Building Company he gained an intimate appreciation for craftsmanship and project management first hand. Practicality and constructability brought into balance with a healthy spirit of invention. Our focus is on the narrative of dwelling, the function and feeling of places. Natural and traditional materials connect us to the earth and history. Energy efficiency strategies provide a timeless sense of conservation. We offer a range of services that can be tailored to specific project needs. Licensed in Massachusetts and New York State.



Native fieldstone piers, boulders, and path stones anchor the bluestone loggia, terrace and screened porch to the land.

Berkshire Craftsman

Located on a forested mountain plateau, the existing meadow captured our imagination as a starting point...

Perched on a steep ravine edge among the trees.

Not-So-Big Treehouse

Perched on the edge of a hill midway up into the surrounding tree canopy, the sound of the river below is a constant presence...

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Home design - mid-century modern home design idea in Boston

To Bid or Not to Bid

We are all are used to making cost comparisons while shopping, so it’s natural to think of home construction in terms of a competitive bid. The difference in custom home building is that an estimate is based not only on a product but also on a service. What assumptions have been made within a given price? How timely with communication, and attentive to details, will one contractor be compared with another? A formal bid requires a higher level of detail, specification, and decision-making up front. It also requires several months to coordinate, administer, draw comparisons, and make a decision. De-rigueur for commercial work, formal bidding is far less employed in residential work...

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Great Barrington, MA  |  Hudson, NY

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