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Contemporary Barn

Not much to save beyond a portion of foundation, we opened up the lower level much like a mill barn set into the hillside. A simple gable form contains a level of materiality and detail, like opening up a Bento Box with lots to discover. The charcoal-colored cement panel siding is cut and stacked to give the house an indeterminate barn-like scale. The two opposite corners of entry porch and living area are sided in cedar clapboards like a kind of puzzle box. The unadorned metal roof and cupola further refer to the mill-barn building type. Inside, the masonry hearth is the focal point of the house, blending several types of stone and incorporating a seat, shelf, bread oven, and wood storage. Kitchen display is built from beams salvaged from the former house, extending to cap the fridge cabinet. The valance above the wall cabinets is clad in copper. Both the screened porch and interior & exterior stair guards are designed with a simple theme of horizontal boards. Further built-ins are tucked into the hall, foyer, and throughout the house. The masonry stove provides most of the heat required for the winter, with a small load of wood burning for the entire day.

Bento Box Barn